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Hello, I have an ibook G4 800mhz. I used the compatibility wizard and it gave me three modules that would work with my system. However, I checked a site that resales memory and they have the memory listed at half the price. Now, it doesn't appear that this is the same memory from the wizard - so my question is, will it work?


Compat. Wizard: 512MB, Part: CT372709, DDR PC2100 • CL=2.5 • UNBUFFERED • NON-ECC • DDR266 • 2.5V


Other module: 512MB, Part: <unknown>, 512MB DDR266 PC2100 Value Select SO-DIMM Memory


They're both 200pin, non-eec, latency 2.5, 2.5v


So I really don't see the difference between these two other than the price. If anyone could fill me in I would appreciate it.




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