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ABIT Mobo + Corsair 3200XL Timing Help.


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Hi all.


What would be the ideal BIOS settings for my TWINX1024-3200XL 1024MB (2x XMS512MB) PC-3200 DDR RAM and ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 SLI motherboard? There's pleanty of setting to fool around with and I don't know where to start (Avanced BIOS Features + In OC Guru + Voltage Control).


I've ran it on default settings (2-2-4-5) and it's still very unstable when playing games most of the time (crashes to desktop inttermittently) when using these RAM modules. I've read somewhere that theres an issue with 1t command rate on the ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 SLI motherboards.


Any help will be much appreciated,


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