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Fatality AN8-SLI with Corsair XMS Twinx-1024 Slow Bus Speed


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Using the ABIT Fat-ality AN8-SLI with Corsair XMS Twinx-4000 1024mb memory with ulta loose timings,

running at 2.85v (with a fan cooling the memory as well), I am only able to achive a FSB of 255 DDR400 (1:1) timings.


Any suggestions would be appriciated.


Thank you for your time,


Derek L.

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Your post doesn't make sense.


An FSB of 255 runs the memory at PC4080 1:1 and your memory is only rated up to PC4000.


Also, if you're trying to run timings that'd work at DDR400/PC3200 (200MHz) at 255MHz, then you're very lucky alread.


Please clarify.




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Ok, the memory settings are now 200mhz 3-5-5-9, if I run memtest I get no errors, if i run 3dmark2005 my system will just shutoff instantly ... I am moving this over to the Abit forums. Im just wondering if any of you know of this problem?
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