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XMS Ram Configuration


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Currently I have a Twinx1024-3200LL kit in my PC. I have purchased the Twin2048-3500LL memory kit. Can I combine the two kits to acheive 3gigs? My motherboard currently is the GA-K8NS Ultra-939, but soon to be the MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum. I currently have the Ram running at 166 because the FSB is 255 on my San Diego Core 3700+, which causes the Ram to run at 200 all at 1T. I think I read that once more than 2gigs are installed you have to run at 2T. Can you give any advice or see any potential problems that I can avoid? I realize that it is best not to mix and match; however, I hate seeing a gig of ram just laying there not being put to use. So aside from the mix and match issue, I should be able to just drop in the new kit and adjust the command rate to 2T. Once again if there is something I am overlooking I would appreciate the heads up.



Thanks in advance,


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