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3d performance issue corsair 2x 1024 3200cpt + DFI LANPARTY nf4


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Hi, I have been experiencing an issue that is only noticable when running a 3d application. I have a DFI Lanparty nf4 ut ultra d motherboard and 2 modules of corsair 1024 meg ddr400 ram. Initially the computer would not post with both modules in, but after reading some guides on dfi-street support I was able to modify my bios settings in order to boot the computer. The computer runs fine and everything works great, but I get far worse performance in quake 4 or the mad mod mike nvidia demo than otehrs with very similar hardware.


I was told to try posting my problem here to see if others have had a similar issue. Thanks, any help is appreciated. My post on dfi-street is here with more details for people willing to help




and any help is GREATLY appreciated.


by the way, the ram says v2.2 if that is any help.

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