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Hi I have the infinity 865 pe rev 2 board with 2 x OCZ 512 dual ram in chanel and 1 stick of CMX51203200c2pt (xms3202v2.2) and 1 stick of CMX512-3200ll (xms3205v1.2) in the other dual channle slots but it appears to make the system really unstable with lots of BSOD, when I take out the corsair ram I dont seem to get any BSOD. Also this ram seem to be incompatable with the super patch feature of the bios.


Yet I have noticed that the test board for twin 1g packs of 3200 ram is this board. Can any one expain this??


I actually want to run the board with 2 g of ram, ??? can i buy a 1 corsair pack or will I continue tro get problems???

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