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SP120 single green light

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Hi hoping someone can help I purchased a RGB SP120 fan for my cooler I have got it plugged into the corsair RGB hub. On iCue the hub is being picked up but the fan seems the have only 1 static green led working that I cant change from the application, I have tried setting it as 8-pin and SP120 with no luck.

Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it?

Thanks in advance.



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Don't set it as "SP-RGB".  That is an 8 year old discontinued fan.  If you just bought, you must have a SP-Elite.  A manual RGB controller should be set to "8 LED fan series".  Setting it to SP-RGB typically produces the effect you are describing.  


What's in the rear exhaust?  Is that another Corsair fan on the same RGB hub?

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