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iCue 5 and New K70 MAX

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I have a new K70 Max and have been using a K70 RGB LUX for a good while.

I want to import my default profile into the device memory on the k70 MAX.

I can use the same default profile on both keyboards.  But as soon as I enable device memory mode on the K70 MAX I can't get the default profile to work and can't figure how to import the saved profile.   I just have one simple Lighting profile that needs to be in Hardware so that it works without iCue.

How do I do this??   iCue is not my strong skill...

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You can’t transfer a profile from software to hardware mode (now DM mode) or vice versa. Each mode has its own specific rules with hardware profile rules being both model and operationally specific. You always will have lower capabilities in hardware mode. 

Presumably the lighting isn’t that complicated. For hardware assignments, you just have dig in and do them again. There are some restrictions since you need the software to execute some actions. Once you’ve done one HW profile, those assignments can be copied to the Hardware Library and pasted to other HW profiles. If you have complex macros, you might be able to Windows cut and paste them over. KBs always required an active save, but now all devices do as well. The little SD card below the toggle switch is the save button. 

The new Device Memory Mode has a toggle state switch. Once you put it into DMM mode, you must toggle it back out to return normal functionality unlike the old system where leaving the tab auto-saved and returned you to a normal state.  This is going to cause some issues as people learn to adjust to the new system. 

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