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Maximus Z790 Dark Hero ICUE temps

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Hi all,

I just setup a new build with an Asus Maxiumus Z790 Dark Hero motherboard and I'm seeing some concerning temperatures in ICUE.  I tried contacting ASUS support but that was no help.  All of the fans and AIO are connected through ICUE. (Link H170I LCD AIO & 11 QX 140's).  

In ICUE, for the motherboard, I see 19 different temperature sensors.  Image below.  Some are as low as 0c and as high as 127c.  This seems bogus but, since I sunk a small mint into this setup, I want to be sure something isn't fubar.

Temps in BIOS seem fine.  HWINFO also doesn't show anything concerning.  The only place I see this number of motherboard sensors and these weird temps is in ICUE.

Temps for the processor (I9-14900K) sit between 30c and 34c (no load).  I'm still loading all my apps / games so I haven't put this under load yet.  Vengence RAM is roughly 42c.

Can anyone offer advice,



ICUE motherboard.jpg

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That is all normal and the CPUID CUE uses to fetch the data has trouble with the Asus Embedded Controller.  Other programs like HWinfo will give you a warning about it, but seem to handle the interaction better.  You get lots of duplicates and junk values at the min/max end of the range.  This has been an issue for many, many years.  


Similar discussion earlier this week.


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