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hello all,


I'm looking for memory for my intel machine. I would like to get DDR4 4000mhz. I was looking at vengeance RS or vengeance RT or vengeance PRO. which one should I go for and why.



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For the most part, it’s the same memory material underneath with some changes to the aesthetics in the heat spreader. The RS and RT lines are set in opposite ends of the frequency range. RS kits will be lower frequency and RT will be higher. To get 4000, you will need a RT kit. 

So it comes down to which style you prefer between a 4000 (2x16?) RT kit and Vengeance Pro kit. There may be small differences in primary timings depending on the kit version, so that is an additional factor to look at for example. There can be two RT or two Pro kits both at 4000 but with different timings. 

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