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Just recently built my PC and I am coming across an issue of wiring up fans and aio to commander pro. My set up is the following:

Gigabyte z790 Aorus elite

H100x rgb elite

4 AF120 rgb

2 AF140 rgb

Commander pro, commander core xt, and Lian li controller for strimers

The issue I'm having is that with the commander core xt I have the 6 fans able to be controlled with icue but not the 2 on the radiator along with the aio. I got the pro to hopefully remedy this and I'm getting lost on how to correctly wire up the 2 fans and the aio to the pro/xt combo. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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No direct advantage in using a Commander Pro over a Commander XT. It’s an older controller and you may not have the proper RGB lighting hub booster to make rgb fans connect to it. Those were standard with prior generations of Corsair rgb fans. The AF Elite rgb is not in that group. You probably want another Commander XT so you can direct connect the rgb wire for the additional rgb fans. On top of that, you can connect the pump rgb to a Commander XT in a fan slot to get control over it. 

There is another option if you have a Lighting Node Core controller from an AF fan multi pack. You still put the pump rgb and X number of fans on the Com XT. Then the LN Core is the second rgb controller. Only fans on the LN Core. Then use an inexpensive PWM hub and connect it to the Com XT PWM side. This is a powered splitter and will let you control 8 fans from the Com XT. All fans on the hub run the same speed, which is fine for multiple fans on a panel. If you already have these parts (most 5000/7000/6500 cases do), then this may be the way to go. Otherwise, the second Com XT will give you another rgb channel and we know you need at least one for the strimmer (plus 3rd party adapter). 

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