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HX1000 suddenly turned off

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I have a system build with a HX1000 PSU and it has worked great for months now, but today I turned on the system, it was running for a new minutes, then out of no where the whole system turned off.. it would not turn back on, pressing the power button did nothing, turning the AC switch on the back of the PSU off waiting a minute and turning back on nothing, no response...

did the paperclip trick and was testing voltages on the PSU on the ATX connector, nothing...... seemed like it just died

well unplugged it let it sit for 4 hours? came back to try more trouble shooting, plugged it in, flipped the power switch on the PSU back to on and boom it came on fine...

What in the world would cause this? Is there a resettable fuse in the PSU that could have tripped until it cooled down or something? it wasn't under load, the power was only on for 5 minutes? before it went off and wouldn't come on originally.

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I would start a support ticket. Any hard shutdown straight to off indicates PSU issues. Theoretically another component could have shorted and triggered the shutdown with the PSU doing its job by slamming off. However, it would then let you come back on or try a moment later. Extended down time does suggest an internal issue, but there’s nothing you want to be doing inside the box and breaking the seal breaks the warranty. 

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