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Will the link system hub (h100i and 6 QX120fans) still function if I exit Icue

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So I have been getting USB dropouts with all my peripherals, cooler and fans while gaming. Seems to be when I get the port 1 and 2 overcurrent warning. I have tried everything to stop this but my last option is to try and run everything with Icue closed.

so will everything still function with Icue closed?

any help would be appreciated 


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Yes.  All lighting will drop into "Hardware Lighting" mode.  On most devices, this is a more basic set of effects that can be run from the device without additional support.  On the CUE Link stuff, the effects remain unchanged but you will be limited to a single lighting layer for each device.  


Speed control is slightly trickier.  With the H100i CUE Link AIO, the fans should run from the coolant temp data that originates with the AIO.  Make sure all fans are set to use that value and this is best done with a custom curve so you can see the points.  The curve is automatically saved.  The other option is to use the "QX Temp" for whichever fan is your rear exhaust.  Exit air temp is a good control variable for case fans, but you'll need to learn the normal range and set up a curve for it.  Again, automatically saved to the controller when assigned.  What does not work well is the QX temp for intake fans.  That QX temp will change very little since it is mostly measuring the intake air temp.  

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Thanks for the help! So I disabled the usb power save settings and moved my usb devices to all the usb3.0 ports on the motherboard and moved my wireless headphone dongle to the front usb2 case port ( I read that wireless recievers/bluetooth can really mess with usb3.0) so far I have not had any usb dropouts or errors at all. I then updated the firmware on the link hub and I have not had any port 1 and 2 overcurrent errors in Icue! (After about 6 hours of gaming)

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