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Link System Firmware update fails

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I've searched the forum and seen that lots of people have been having the same issue but theres have all been related to MSI processes.

I have 2 Link System Hubs. One for the H150i LCD and its fans, the other for 7 case fans.
I have an ASUS MB, and no MSI components.
I have tried:

  • Killing all processes (Asus)
  • 1 Link System Hub plugged in at a time
  • Plugging the Link System Hub directly into the MB (not through the Corsair Splitter Cable provided with the H150i LCD) I also have a Corsair 9-pin usb 4 way hub
  • Added ICue Firmware update specifically through the firewall
  • Turning off Antivirus/Memory Integrity
  • Clean install of ICue (removing appdata and registry entries)

Feel like I'm out options, I really don't want to have to do a clean Windows install, although I'm not sure how this would solve any issues.

ICue V5.12.97
1 Link System Hub V1.3.302
1 Link System Hub V1.6.336

Update available V1.8.369

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I'm running into the same problem but with a single Link System Hub on V1.6.336. I've killed all the ArmoryCrate background tasks but iCue fails to update the hub and then restarts without the hub present. After rebooting Windows all my Corsair devices show up and then I get the update message again. Very frustrating. 

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@infamous-pattern I'm waiting on a reply from Corsair, I've sent them logs and the scenario.

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OK, so I was finally able to get my Link System Hub updated. Here's how I did it.

  1. Open System Configuration in Windows.
  2. Select Diagnostic Startup on the General tab.
  3. On the Services tab, tick the Hide all Micrsofot Services box at the bottom left, then click the Disable All button.
  4. On the Startup tab, click the Open Task Manager link.
  5. In Task Manager, choose Startup Apps on the left and take a screen shot of the page.
  6. Disable EVERYTHING in Startup Apps.
  7. Close Task Manager and return to System Configuration.
  8. Click OK to reboot your system.
  9. Once rebooted and back into Windows, laucnh iCue and apply the update. 
  10. Open System Configuration and make sure it is set to Normal Startup.
  11. Open Taks Mnaager and reanable all the apps you disabled in step 6 (use the screenshot).
  12. Reboot.

Hope this works for everyone. 

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