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Multiple fans issues with system hub

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Hello all,


I have a Corsair iCUE Link H150i RGB 360 and three additional fans (Corsair iCUE LINK QX120 RGB) running off of one channel on the system hub, and 7 Corsair iCUE LINK QX120 RGB's running on the other channel.  Still getting an error in ICUE stating too many devices on the hub.  I actually have another hub but not sure how to run it with the other.  Three connections on the hub for USB2 to the motherboard, power to hub (Sata) and USB-C from the pump, and the two 

So, 7 devices including the AIO pump on one side with 7 devices on the other side.

13 fans and the pump, should be ok with no more than 7 on each channel, right?



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This issue has been in discussion for a while.  See the last post at the end of this thread.


The update to disable or reduce the sensitivity already went out.  The problem is you are right on the edge of the device limit so you might get it anyway on the reduced sensitivity.  Part of the issue is whether the AIO Pump counts as "one device".  While the lighting might not be more extravagant, the pump motor power is on that line too.  We certainly have seen other users have issues with 6 QX + AIO all on one side of the hub.


Installing the second hub is an option.  It will need its own USB and 6 pin PCI-e cable for communication and power.  The downer here is this will put your fans into two different groups for lighting control.  For example, if you put 6 fans + AIO on one hub and 7 fans on the other, they will no longer be linked as lighting group.  It is two controllers and two groups.  The more palatable option might be to run the AIO alone on hub 2 while keeping the 13 fans on the other.  IF that works, then the 13 fans can still do sequential effects and only the AIO if left out, which usually doesn't matter for that kind of stuff.  

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Thank you for the advice.  I will work on it this weekend and follow up with the results.  I have two extra hubs available now.

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