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One preset to load them all ?


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Is there a way to make 1 cooling profile to quickly load it for fans ? Like before launching a game to quickly select "gaming profile" with various fan speeds  in it ? like for the radiator fans fixed rpm 1000,front fans fixed 800 and so on ? not to select individually for every fan a preset from the list ? And when done with gamig switch back do destop profile with low/zero quiet fans ... Can it be done in icue ?

I have 7 qx fans with h150i aio

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You simply need to make a new CUE profile with those settings.  It does not have to be different for lighting and you can take your current profile and use the "copy profile" feature to quickly make a copy which you can then rename.  In the new profile set your fan speeds to the desired levels.  They will remain attached to that profile.  


You can quickly select either profile from the task bar CUE pop up, the app, or if you have a Corsair KB set up a quick switch key.  

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One thing to be aware of with using fixed speed and custom curves....


If I create a fan curve named "Custom 1" and make it my dynamically adjustable fan curve for desktop work in Profile A, I then can't use it's fixed RPM setting in Profile B without changing what happens in Profile A.  It will stay as fixed speed when you switch back.  As such, you might need to duplicate fan curves too so you have Custom 1 for the dynamic desktop and then your re-named copy of Custom 1 set to fixed speeds as the active fan curves in Profile B.  There are some minor intricacies with specific controllers.  Ask again if you run into any issues.  

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