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SP120 and QX120 - iCUE Compatibiliy (570x)

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I have build an new PC and the last thing left are matching the RGB Fans.

Unfortunately, I have not researched enough before and got some problems now.. the SP Fans are not controllable via iCUE


My Case "Corsair 570x" comes with 3x SP120 which are connected to an Corsair RGB HUB which is connected to an SP Lightning Controller (and power cable).

The SP Lighning Controller is just a hub with three buttons to controll the color/speed/mode of fans and is also connected to another button thingy at the io with same buttons.

I also have another 3x QX120 from the 360AIO-Cooler. Those were pretty easy to install due the LINK-System... so i have a iCUE LINK-System-Hub.


My Problem is that the SP120 Fans are not controllable in iCUE, but the QX120 are working just fine. But now the SP120 Fans have different colors then the QX120, which is not nice looking.

With the SP Lightning Controller the SP120 Fans can only have one color and all the same at the time.


Is there a way to make the SP120's also controllable via iCUE, so i can match them with the QX120?

Possible without throwing the the SP Lightning Controller? The "iCue Compatible" Logo of the Case is definitly misleading or i am missunderstanding something. 



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Those two sets of fans are from polar opposite ends of the time continuum.  The SP-RGB 120mm fans from the 570x were the original Corsair 5v RGB fan, but every fan that came after is different.  They are not compatible with any other fan type and must be on their own controller.  The QX are the most recent release and are part the next generation of continuous circuit controllers.  No other fan types except QX will work on the CUE LINK HUB -- at least for now until we get more new releases.


Two ways to go at this:

1) You can get CUE control over the SP-RGB fans by removing the thumb controller and connecting it to a standard Corsair RGB controller instead.  Something like a Lighting Node Pro is a direct connection to that RGB hub and there are a lot on used or third party market since they were included in fan bundles for years.  This does not make the 2 sets of three fans act like one unit, but it does bring the SP-RGB into software control.

2) Replace the SP-RGB with a more 3 more QX.  They then connect directly into the existing chain of 3 and all are part of the same circuit.  This is going to be the preferable way, but obviously it costs more.  


You likely can pick up a Lighting Node Pro for $20 + shipping from someone, but I am not sure if that is a worthwhile pursuit for a couple of fans that were discontinued several years ago and do not fit into the Corsair system anymore.  The SP-RGB are also 3 pin DC fans, so they won't be part of speed control either and that will need to be from the motherboard.  Obviously the CUE Link hub is both RGB and fan speed controller.  

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