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K100 Keyboard Control Wheel Not Working As Intended

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I downloaded the latest version of ICUE to make sure it wasnt a firmware/software issue, but anytime I press the ICUE labeled button in the center of the Control Wheel to switch over to track jogging, even the slightest touch sends the current Spotify song wild. If i want to rewind, I rotate the control wheel to the left ONE CLICK, and watch as the Spotify song wildly jumps forwards and backwards randomly. Even rotating it the other direction does the same thing. I try Track Selector, and that jumps multiple songs in 1 touch of the wheel.

Is this a problem with the keyboard itself, or something with Spotify integration? I don't use the Control Wheel much at all, and interestingly enough the Brightness Control option works flawlessly when turning the wheel, so it made me think it's something to do with firmware / Spotify integration itself.


Any known ways to fix it, or am I doomed to not use this feature?

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