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icue nexus companion touch screen awake when pc is shut down?

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so, I just got this icue nexus companion touch screen and I notice when I put the pc to sleep it turns off but when I shut the whole pc down its still on, I can't figure a way to have it turn off when the pc is shut down like when it turns off when the pc is put to sleep.

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Check your BIOS settings for something that supplies power to the USB when in the power off state.  Something these masquerade under "accessory charging" or similar names.  It's intended to allow you to charge your phone, mouse, etc. when the PC is off, but it's possible it mistakes the Nexus for something that needs to be charged.  


If that does not work or you can't find a setting of that name, try a different USB port.  The Nexus should shut down when the motherboard sends the proper signal.  

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