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K90 pressing certain keys inputs adjacent key as well. e.g: Press B and it inputs BV


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Last week I spilled water on my desk, I didn't think any got into my keyboard but afterwards it started inputting garbage when I pressed most of the keys; I got long strings of text per press. After about an hour most of the keyboard returned to normal apart from a few keys.

I stripped the keyboard down, removed keycaps, and unscrewed it to reveal the circuit board. I then cleaned the whole thing with q-tips, a brush and 99% Isopropyl alcohol. There was some gunk inside that had built up.

After letting it dry I plugged it back in and found that it didn't fix the issue.

All the keys work, as in they input an event.

The v, b, n, m, /, R-Shift, *, - all input both the correct key and the adjacent one, so pressing b or v inputs bv.

I'm trying to understand why these isolated keys input each others key. Is this something that could be caused by residue water or dust creating a bridge between them?

I've ordered an air compressor so I can try and blast out any remaining particles housed between the circuit board and faceplate. That part is hard to access as it looks like I'd need to desolder all the caps to reach it.

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The air compressor arrived and I gave it a once over to try and free out any dust, but it didn't fix the issue.

Not sure what the next steps are. Maybe giving it a bath in 99% iso alcohol to really submerge it, or attempt to remove the keys, which does fill me with dread.

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Nothing I've done so far has helped. My next step is to use a multimeter and check the board to see if there's any noticeable issues on the keys that are doing this double key action. I don't know how these keyboards work, so I'm going in blind on this and just hoping to see differences between working and none working keys. 

I'd hate to just call this keyboard dead when I don't actually know what the issue is that's causing this.

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