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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, i have one of the first batch of K90's produced (i was a pre-order) and over the years the cable has taken a beating. it now has a short about half an inch past the opening in the back of the keyboard. moving the cable causes the keyboard to turn on and off. well instead of throwing it away i would like to build it a new cable and maybe make it detachable like it should have been in the first place. anyways i would like to keep the broken stock cable just so i have it if i ever need dimensions from it in the future. in the mean time i need to know what type/size of connector this is. i have figured out its a 5 pin jst but i havent found any 11-12mm 5 pin jst as my cheap tape measure says it is. so would anybody know what the exact measurements are for this connector so i can put my keyboard back into use?
  2. Hi, I searched everywhere in Corsair support site but I wasn't able to find any User guide or Button programming quick reference for my K90 vengeance keyboard. I'm sure it was present in the past because i printed the pdf, where i can find it now? thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I've got a K90 keyboard that stopped working properly. Since yesterday, every time I start up my PC the scroll down led starts blinking and the only buttons working are the volume roller and mute. I've started searching the internet and found that I needed to hold the F1 button + winlock to reset the board out of BIOS mode? I've tried that with no result. Then I thought my keyboard was really broken but then tried flashing the firmware. When trying to flash v1.31 it starts but stops with an error. BUT! After getting the error the main keys start working, although my LED's stay dark. I know its an older keyboard but I am sure I can use this keyboard for a few more years. Friends also have mech. keyboards this age or even older without running into any problems.
  4. I'm a murderer. I repented, I corrected and ask for help. I want to buy "F1" and "SPACEBAR" for my K90. Problem # 1: SPACEBAR is a Cherry type (a little horror), but F1 is a membrane type (real horror). Problem # 2: I'm in Russia, Moscow. Not a problem # 0: I have a card with non-russian money. http://images.vfl.ru/ii/1585684843/443ff244/30065612_m.jpg There is one more problem. Two or three LEDs flicker after turning on the backlight. After 5 or 10 seconds, they go out. How do you solve this problem? I opened the keyboard, but did not see any damage. Should I solder contacts or do something else?
  5. Hello, the keyboard that I am using is the Corsair Vengeance K90, and im trying to find the software that comes with it but i can't seem to find it. I know this keyboard is no longer on the market, but is there any possible way i can get the software so that my macros actually have use.
  6. Hi I have a K90, (warranty expired a few months ago) and the cable has failed on it which I understand is not unheard of(!). The breakage seems to be right up the top of the cable where it meets the keyboard. The keyboard is just about still usable, if I position the cable in a very particular way it comes to life, but any movement on the cable and it cuts out again. I had a look inside the keyboard to work out if I could repair it myself but having seen how it all hooks up I’m not massively up for the challenge. I see that a limited selection of spare parts are available for this keyboard but no sign of a replacement cable, would anyone from Corsair be in a position to advise on the possibility of obtaining a replacement cable that I could fit myself please? On the other hand, has anyone repaired this themselves and be able to advise on that front? Many thanks Rob
  7. My k90 doesn't work in the bios and i have read that a bios mode was added in a later firmware, v1.36. There are no links on the website for this. Can anyone send me a link for the updated firmware v1.36 or later? Thanks.
  8. Hello, I've searched high and low including in this forum for a download to the K90 firmware/firmware update utility. By some amazing chance does anyone have it and could maybe upload it somewhere, please? Thank You
  9. I have recently purchased a second hand Corsair Vengeance K90 keyboard hoping to use the 18 G keys for macros in Photoshop CC. Does anyone have any experience in doing so, or can anyone post a link where is is described in detail? I have gone through the manual, but having a hard time figuring this out other than assigning a profile in M2 for Photoshop. After assigning I thought it would be a matter of creating an Action in Photoshop, and then assign the G key to that action, but only the normal F keys showed up. Any help would be greatly appreciated Tore
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