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iCUE won't save the profiles in my keyboard

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Dear all. I have a corsair k95 platinum since a few years, and iCUE has always saved properly my profiles in the keyboard itself, so I didn't need to have it running. The problem is that, few months ago, it stopped saving those profiles. Now I'm having problems with the macros. When the program's running, all macros work well but, when I quit the program, the new macros stop working. I'm sure I'm properly saving the changes on Settings - Integrated Memory - Overwrite, and I'm sure I'm saving the correct one, as it's the only one with that name. Apparently it is saving the profile, the keyboard even freezes for a second when it ends the saving process, but then I quit, and it's like nothing happened. Then I open iCUE again and starts working again. The program remembers the changes, but cannot properly save them. 



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