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5000d Airflow Case backside inner door…..Necessary??


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This case has a nifty swing out inner back door.

Buuuut my cable management is already darn tight in the back….tolerances really tight.

Is that door necessary at all?  I also worry that it’s nothing more than an additional heat blocker.

Same for the “Motherboard Accessory Tray” …. besides being a nice little piece that you could mount the magnetic core commander or core XT, I see it as nothing more than an additional heat blocker as it also sits right underneath the CPU, causing less ventilation in that area.

Nobody is going to see that area anyway.  Is there any reason why I should consider using them?


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Both pieces are cosmetic in nature.  They are used to cover cables.  Neither one should hamper air-flow in any meaningful way.   Both are optional.

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