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My new little Monster <3

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Hey guys!

Today my RAM arrived from Taiwan, finally! So I have finished my build today:


  • Intel I9 13900KS
  • Gigabyte 4090 Master
  • Gigabyte Z790 Master
  • Corsair 32GB DDR5 7200 CL34 
  • Corsair H170i Elite Capellix
  • Corsair 7000D
  • Seasonic GX-1000
  • WD SN850 1TB M.2
  • Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2
  • Alpenfoehn fans 140 + 120mm


I am so happy ereything is working fine from the beginning!

Happy weekend!




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That GPU makes the 7000D look like a 5000D 😛

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 Looks good and answers some questions I had. Getting ready for a new build myself and might try some custom liquid cooling. I have the gigabyte 4090 Gaming OC and is a 340mm instead of your card 358mm in length. So It looks like there is room for a pump or using a Distro Plate. Now if Corsair had a GPU block for my 4090 then I would be set all corsair. Some reason I thought the 7000 was not  rated for the E-ATX board. 

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Once you remove the aircooler on your 4090, it will lose a good 100mm 🙂

there will be plenty of space

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