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Sp120/commander Pro issues

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Hi all. 

I'm trying to get my rgb set up after some time and having some issues. I have the lightning node Pro, commander core xt, 5 sp120 fans and 4 rgb strips as well as another device the name of which I do not know. 

With the fan headers and rgb connectors plugged in to the commander Pro xt the fans power up but no lights. Despite endless messing around with icue they can't be coaxed on. Does anyone have an idiots guide to setting this all up? I have attached pics of what I have to work with. 





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7 hours ago, Micromonkey said:

commander core xt, 5 sp120 fans

You need to be very specific about which "SP" fans you have connected.  The original SP-RGB from 2016 is not compatible with the Commander XT or any other fan type.  They are also DC motors and will be stuck at maximum speed on the PWM only Commander XT controller.  "SP-Pro" will work for lighting, but not speed control as they are also DC motors.  The more recent SP-Elite is both PWM and 8 LEDs and should be detected automatically on both.


The small device in the last picture is the Lighting Node Pro.  It can handle RGB fans with it's RGB Lighting Hub (the pic above), but I don't think that is your intended use.  If those are the RGB strips connected to the RGB Lighting Hub, disconnect and remove the RGB Hub, then connect the strips directly to the LED port on the Commander XT.  I don't think you need the Lighting Node Pro in this build, although you likely had to get it with the strip pack.  If that is fan #5 in the RGB hub, move it over to the Commander XT unless it is a SP-RGB.  


However, if those are SP-RGB fans, you will need the LNPro + RGB hub after all.  That is the only device you have capable of handling lighting for SP-RGB fans.  

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