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K100 RBG and ICUE (so wasn't sure where to put this)


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I see a lot of things about the keyboards either just freezing, or typing on their own, or acting as if 1 key was held down. But most of the discussions I see are from like 2 years ago. I am currently having this issue now. ICUE will crash out, the keyboard will just disconnect out of ICUE. It will just start acting as if you are hold 1 key down. It has persisted through unplugging and replugging the keyboard. THe mouse does not have issues, except of course when ICUE crashes (assuming due to the keyboard because this was not an issue before I bought the keyboard).

Current K100 RGB v. 1.11.39

Current Scimitar Pro RGB v3.14

Current iCUE Software v 4.30.162

Is this by design? Is this a bug? Do I simply just need to go get something else? This was  a fresh purchase and it started doing this day 1. I have put up with it for about a week but it is really getting old fast.

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