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  1. thank you, I have finally been contacted, I have provided the data, we hope you will reply as soon as possible to complete the return shipment of the keyboard Thanks Corsair Art
  2. no support communication believe that assistance and everything in a great brand
  3. I don't doubt what you say, but if I write to them that the third keyboard no longer works, that's all I was told to do, I've done it, I expect them to approve me, to avoid wasting time, then there it takes more than 14 days to get it back. They haven't responded to me in 5 days, isn't that a bit long? Come on, it's okay, I kindly ask you if you can let them know Thank you
  4. I understand and I imagine, but in 5 days I've only responded twice, I don't think it's right to leave me waiting. it certainly takes 14 days to replace it. but put yourself in my shoes, it's the third keyboard I've changed. I'm sure they already know the problem, why don't they do anything? I have always bought Corsair for the assistance and quality it had before. I always thank you I'm not there with you, you do a good job
  5. the real problem isn't the tests they make you do, it's that they're useless, just a waste of time. their time and paid my no but leaving the matter aside... the real problem I don't answer, I've already been waiting for their response for more than 24 hours I'm seriously thinking of changing everything I have from Corsair, definitely more than €3500, too many problems, I should enjoy my peripherals, no keeping up with assistance is asking a Corsair moderator on the forum for help. surely losing a few customers is not a problem for them
  6. the real problem is that they don't respond, only thanks to you something has moved.
  7. thank you, you're really kind. but it makes me do tests that are useless now who knows when he will answer me I honestly don't understand why assistance, despite knowing the problem, wastes all this time. if I ask you if you can speed up assistance
  8. thanks, the support responded to me and wants to do some tests, the problem I wrote to them is that when I connect the keyboard it creates blocks on my PC, it should be noted that if I connect it to another PC same problem but I never heard back from support It is the third keyboard with problems but the last one cannot be used I kindly ask you if you can speed up the process with support
  9. someone from corsair to speed up RMA number #2006447828 since it is the third keyboard. unfortunately spending €269.99 for a keyboard cannot be afforded again
  10. done sent... I am convinced that those who manage the tickets do not read hardware problems I want to pass the software support is no longer answered but how can you be like this? and we are almost 20 days away from my RMA
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