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Corsair Build Fan configuration.


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Hi. First post.

Currently building a Corsair themed gaming pc.

Case = 5000D airflow.

Ram= Dominator 2x16 @ 5600htz.


H150i Lcd (3 ML 120 fans).------Top Exhaust. 

3x iCue ML 120 RGB Elite Premiums -----Front Intake.

2X ML 120 non rgb.   1= Rear exhaust, 1= side case Intake.

*8 Fans in total. *more to add later maybe.


Question is,

What's the best way to connect the 8 fans to the system?

Currently thinking i can use the 6 RGB with the commander core (H150 + 3 front rgbs) for use in iCue and use the 5000D fan controller for the other 2 fans. (1 rear exhaust and 1 planned side low rpm intake) . Both ML120. 

However if i use the case fan controller and plug that into a motherboard fan header, will i have to set fan speeds via bios? Plus will the 2 fans be separable in the bios or will be read as 1 fan as using 1 mobo header?

Alternatively , should i just plug the 2 spare fans straight in to the motherboard separately 2fan headers) so can individually be adjusted in bios?

Want the side fan to run at low rpm (may add 2 more to side at some point. what would be the best way to get all 8 (potentially 10) fans showing and adjustable via iCue?

Ideally i would like to control all fans via iCue but not sure how to achieve that.

* I do have a spare lighting node core but the other 2 fans do not have RGB and dont think a lighting node can be used to monitor pwm fans to show and adjust in iCue.


Thanks for any advice or links.   Have other questions but this one is a bit confusing with many different ways seen via Youtube and Google searches.



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So..no help , other than reading other peoples similar setups.

As addition to my first post i am thinking of running.....(if possible).


3xML120 rgb elites off the 5000d case fan hub.  (In slot 1 on commander core) if its possible?  All 3 fans can ( and will have to be i guess) be the same speed.

3xML120 AIO rgb fans in the commander core pwm slot 2-3 and 4. 

1xML120 (non rgb) in commander core slot 5.  This would be rear case exhaust. 

1xML120 (non rgb) in commander core slot 6.  Side mount fan at low rpm as case shroud installed still and turns airflow 90 degree over mobo.  (may add 2 more to side at some point).


Would someone in the know please help confirm things.

Key -*Ccore = Commander Core.


Can case fan hub from 5000d be plugged in to C core?

Can the 3 fans from the case hub be controlled via iCue software, albeit at a combined adjustable speed for all 3 connected fans?

Do the Ccore pwm and rgb headers have to match each fan or can i just use the 6 rgb headers for the rgb fans?

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PWM and RGB function are completely separate.  You can cut the wire off one and the other aspect will still function.  In practical terms, it is not necessary for the PWM and RGB side to go to the same controller, but it generally helps with daily management.  


You have a Commander Core from the AIO kit and the PWM hub from the case.  That is 11 PWM slots and 6 RGB slots.   You only need 6 RGB and any combination you prefer on the PWM + PWM hub side.  Generally it makes sense to put one of your banks of three on the powered PWM hub.  It will not matter if it is the front x 3 or the radiator x 3.  

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Thank you so much for the reply. Can the bank of 3 fans on the PWM  case hub be plugged into the Com Core and speed controlled via iCue? (think i must be as 2x 6 hubs = 12 fans but lose 1 slot for the case hub to be plugged in ....so 11 in total like you said).

Sorry if a stupid question but never used iCue equipment  before, and would just like your expert confirmation before continuing the build.

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All of the fans will be controllable through the CUE software. The only compromise is the fans on the PWM hub will all run the same speed. The powered hub is effectively a powered PWM splitter. However, in most cases there is no need for to have individual speed control over the radiator fans. You will always run them the same speed, regardless of how they are connected. 

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