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Almost every single time I open iCue, I get the 'profiles conflict' notification.  Apparently the software and hardware profiles have to be synced for some reason.

The problem is, it says it will erase all of my work in iCue, instead of copying it over from iCue to the keyboard hardware, in order to achieve sync.  Erasing instead of copying is not how you sync.  Try again, Corsair.

So I'm assuming that I'm going to have this notification berate me for the rest of my life, because I don't want to bulldoze my macroes for no reason at all.


Profile Conflict.png

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The warning is the hardware lighting “profile” in CUE used to save to the device does not match what is actually on the device. There are two ways to resolve it. 

1) Accept the save prompt on the warning. This will load the KB stored profiles into the software save slots. No more warning. 

2) Re-save whichever CUE side HW profiles you prefer to the KB through the device settings tab. This then over-writes what is stored to KB. No more warning. 

Neither option affects your software CUE profiles that are operational when CUE is running. 

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Ok I will use option two.  Didn't realize doing that would make the notifications stop.  Thank you.

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