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Saving profile to Onboard Memory just hangs

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macOS 12.5, iCUE 4.26.110

Hardware K70 RGB MK.2, 3.24 latest firmware

This has been an ongoing problem, but finally reporting it.  

When I try to save to the OnBoard Memory it goes to "saving..." and never completes.  Do I just keep waiting and maybe someday it will finish or is something actually wrong either with iCUE or my keyboard?  

Happens on a fresh install of iCUE, happens on fresh boot, has happened ever since I got the keyboard in February so many different versions of iCUE and macOS.


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This is a real pain when it happens. Try either of the resets below. Sometimes the soft reset “ESC replug” does the trick. Others need to force load the firmware. Check for update > None > Force Update becomes available. 



If neither of these work contact Corsair Support. 

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