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iCue 4.24.193 DPI colors not staying


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Can confirm this is an issue on the physical switch of profiles.  On a Profile A -> B change, the assigned DPI profile for CUE profile B is overwritten in CUE with the DPI Profile for prior CUE profile A.  There may also be a mouse specific element to this.  It is repeatable on my Dark Core Pro, but does not occur on my M65 Elite or Nightsword.


This is different than the prior DPI profile glitch where changing the assigned indicator colors applied those same colors to all DPI profiles.  

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I deleted all existing DPI profiles and created new ones to replace them, reassigning each to its corresponding profile.  Even after this, using the profile switch key to advance down the list continued to make errors and reassign the last DPI profile to some of the CUE software profiles.  The most obvious evidence of the effect is when I get down to my hardware profiles (Dark Core Pro HW1-3) and reassigns my software profiles to them in place of the normal HW DPI Mode 1, HW DPI Mode 2, etc.  


The most peculiar part is this seems to be on the Dark Core only and I can't replicate it with other mice.  However, most of my DPI and software profiles were created with that mouse and there may be a tie in vs the other mice that are not in use.  

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