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Corsair G-keys only work in ICUE 4.20.169

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I have a K95 RGB Platinum keyboard (firmware 3.29.32) and a Stream Deck XL (software version I can only use Corsair G-Keys in ICUE version 4.20.169. In the new versions it doesn't work at all, despite the claim that the problem has been resolved as of iCUE version 4.23.137. I've uninstalled and installed completely and it doesn't work. Even in version 4.24.193. Any technical guidance?

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Hey Carlos, I ran into the same issue the other day, see post here, I took some seriously drastic measures to try to fix, but so far the only thing that worked was rolling back to version 3 (the latest release on the downloads page).  It is so odd because I had a somewhat recent previous version 4 that worked just fine, and I have installed I think just about every release of v4 on both machines and never had this issue.   You and I cannot be the only people having this problem in newer V4.  Logging doesnt seem to show anything relevant.  I can use remaps with G and M keys inside of cue, but not anything using the SDK and I know it isnt the hardware because swapping to a working machine does not make a difference in behavior, working machine works good with either scimitar mouse or 18Gkey K95 keyboard and vice versa.  I have not tried updating gradually in version 4 yet, because I dont want to risk it on a maybe on my fresh install of win 10 at the office, but I might try that this weekend if I can find some time.  Icue v4 is way more stable than v3 ever was and I wouldnt mind using the latest protocol version and I like to use it alongside leon kiefer (legion2's) icue server for programattic lighting so being relegated to V3 is a bummer.  I would like to see them fix this right away, and then promptly announce the new 18 macro key k105 📢


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