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Re the tach cable from the H150i RGB pro XT pump header...What pin on the CPU_FAN header should it be connected to??

I have a CROSSHAIR VIII HERO (WI-FI) board and the 'tach' wire is going to the FAN IN pin on the board.

The BIOS shows the CPU fan @ 4300RPM...Should it not be connected to the PWM pin on the board??

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Most users should connect the tachometer wire from the AIO to cpu fan. This satisfies the motherboard’s safety requirement for boot, the cpu fan header is not usually appropriate as a case fan controller, and regardless of whether it is connected or not you cannot control AIO functionality through the bios or motherboard software. 

The BIOS will report the raw value from the pump. Divide by 2 to turn it into the correct value or look at the CUE software. 

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