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6th rgb port on corsair h100l not working

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The RGB and fan motor functionality are separate, so failure of one does not automatically means the other drops out too. However, configuration issues are more common than a dead RGB port on the controller so that’s worth checking before sending in for a replacement. 

1) In the cue settings, select the run RGB detection option.  The Commander Core and XT use this method and a per port physical system. If it does not resolve it, try setting a manual LL fan x 6 in “Lighting Setup”. I am assuming six LL fans, but if it’s something different like LL-LL-LL-ML Elite-ML Elite-LL please specify.  

2) Do a full shutdown of the pc and then flip the PSU switch off for 15-30 seconds. This cause the Commander Core controlling the RGB to reset. While powered down, swap a different LL RGB cable into port 6. Then power on normally.

If still no RGB on the fan in port 6, contact Corsair Support using the link at the bottom of this page. Let them know the testing you’ve done so they don’t ask you to do the same again. 

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