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Downloaded iCue Profiles not applying to all devices


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I'm new to Corsair so trying to figure out how to best use iCue for lighting effects. 

I have a Commander Core (I believe that is what it is -- it came with the H150I) with AIO and 3 QL Fans. I have a Commander Core XT is 6 QL Fans. And 2 sticks of Dominator RAM. 

I downloaded some Corsair Profiles from https://www.corsair.com/us/en/icue-library. However, when I import the profile into iCue and turn it on it only applies to some of my Corsair devices.

Everything connected to the Commander Core (AIO/3 fans) and the RAM seems to work fine but the RGB of the 6 fans connected to the Commander Core XT just go off. 

I tried copying all the lighting layers from the working fans to the Lightning Library and then pasting them into the lighting layers of the Command Core XT but they do not seem to function the same (different timings, different parts of the fans lighting up, etc.).

I figured that a profile would work the same on the Commander Core and the Commander Core XT since they both have the same type of QL fans but maybe that is incorrect thinking? 

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In order for you to use another person's CUE lighting profile, it must be specifically programmed for EACH of your devices.  Corsair profiles were created will all known Corsair devices at the time they were created.  However, many of them pre-date current controllers or products.  If the product was released in the last year or so, it won't work with most of those profiles from several years ago.  The XT is the new product.  


You are on the right track with copying lighting from one device to another via the library.  Syncing a 3 and 6 fan set is difficult anyway and it will depend on the effect in use.  Since you have 3 QL on the Commander Core and 6 on the XT, the Com Core string will always finish a sequential run in half the time.  You can manipulate the speed (twice as fast) or the lengthen the tail, but it does require some tinkering.  

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