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Is only ONE of your RGB fans working with your CORSAIR RGB HUB? (GUARANTEED FIX INSIDE!)

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I've read many different ways to fix this issue on this forum site. But none of them worked so I started to tinker. The only way I could fix my fans so that the RGB would work is by using the ICUE software and creating a profile that has the lighting channel 1 setup as a RGB LED STRIP. I set the number of strips to the amount of fans I had and BOOM instantly worked. Before I did that only my first fan would light up ( channel 1 ). every other channel (2-6) was just not doing anything no matter the order or number of fans I supplied to it. So, if you've read any other post out there, and it hasn't worked. Try my fix, hopefully I can help you too! Have a great okay day. 

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Fans have a specific number of LEDs depending on model. Setting the wrong type is likely to produce incomplete coverage or misaligned effects. LED strips have 10 LEDs, but no fans have that exact number. Setting a Corsair fan to act as a strip will always skew the intended lighting.  It is most likely you selected the wrong fan model in the lighting setup tab. 

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