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ICUE 4.22.203 Issue with Commander Pro / Cooling

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My Commander Pro is controlling Cooling for my 4 Case Fans as the RGB Lighting is controlled by my Lighting Node Core. My issue is with the latest release, the cooling screen shifts to different layouts every few seconds (see attached). Is this a bug? I've uninstalled and reinstalled it with no differences. I want to go back to the previous release but don't have it. What is the fix for this annoying problem?

Two Fans Show.JPG

No Fans Show.JPG

All Fans Show.JPG

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You'll also notice you have some impossible values, like 1.04v on the 12v rail.  This is the usual result of running HWiNFO, AIDA, or other full spectrum monitoring programs that are attempting to access the Corsair devices at the same time as CUE.  You'll need to quit the other program, then restart both the CUE app and Corsair services in task manager -- or simply restart the PC.  

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