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All sounds good except Discord

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I'm using a void RGB Elite wireless headset.  All game sounds are fine as well as others such as YouTube.  However, Discord is extremely low and barely audible.  I have maxed out Discord settings and hardly makes any difference.  It is as if everything is 100% sound and Discord is set to 10%.  
If I switch to a different headset everything is fine.

I have searched in the ICUE dashboard and elsewhere to see if there are any settings for voice programs etc.  No luck



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If your hardware becomes incompatible with Discord’s latest audio subsystem, you can fix this issue by using a legacy audio subsystem.

To use a legacy audio subsystem:

Open Discord.
Click the User Settings button.
Click Voice & Video.
Select the AUDIO SUBSYSTEM dropdown menu and select Legacy.


If you continue to experience issues with your headset, contact Customer Support.

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Just now, beachead said:

nvm a friend had similar problem.  As simple as volume mixer in windows needed adjusting


Glad it was an easy fix! Let us know if you have absolutely any other questions or concerns. 

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