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Ventilateur max 1800 rpm

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Bonsoir, je ne comprends pas quand je lance mes ventilateurs en extrême il ne tourne que à 1800rpm alors qu'il est bien indiqué qu'ils peuvent monter jusqu'à 2400rpm. Pouvez-vous m'aider merci.

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Quiet, Balanced, and Extreme (or their French equivalents) are specific Temp X = Fan Speed Y control curves.  They are not a low, medium, or high speed switch.  Extreme or any other preset should not run 2400 rpm unless the coolant temp reaches a critical level.  You can create copies of the presets you can see and edit by creating a custom curve, then using the shape tools in the lower right corner of the graph.  Make sure you change the sensor to H1xx Temp (liquid temp) and apply them to your radiator fans.  This also open up the PWM % and Fixed RPM options for control which allow you to set 100% fan intensity or whatever else you need to test.  

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