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Do I need the Commander Pro XT to Change RGB on the New ML120 RGB ELITE Premium fans?


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Hello there. I'm trying to determine if I need to spend extra money on the Commander Core XT. I wanted to get these ML Elite Fans with the White LEDs, but those aren't available locally, or in the black frames. So I turned towards the RGB variant, but I'm worried that I won't be able to change the coloring because I also lack the Commander Core XT. Is that an accurate concern? I'm currently using the 5000d case and I've got a MSI B550 motherboard installed inside. Thank you for your help.

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You need a Corsair RGB controller of some type in order to control any of the Corsair 5v RGB products, which is all of the fans.  However, most of the multipacks come with a Lighting Node Core for that purpose and most people are not looking for a single fan.  With a 5000D you are likely looking for 3x120 ML Elite and everything you need for RGB control is in the triple pack box.  Make sure you are shopping the Elite variant of the fan.  The ML "Pro" is an older and different model.  


A Commander XT is a RGB controller and PWM fan speed controller.  Only the "Commander" controllers have speed control options.  All other Lighting Node Core/Pro devices are RGB only.  You only need a Commander XT if you want to control fan speed for 1-6 PWM fans of any brand.  

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