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2.6.201 Firmware breaks h150i Elite Capellix

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I've recently upgraded my motherboard from an Asus z390 to an Asus z690-E.  After that, the H150i cooler and commander core would show in iCue for a brief time, and then disappear.

I've done debug logging on this, and I can see that there is a USB related error "Platform error code: 31" in the logs right around when it drops off.

I have been in touch with support, and they gave me an older firmware, which I have installed and the device was stable for 8+ hours, but it's not any use, as iCue won't let me control or monitor the cooler until I update the firmware, if I update the firmware, It's fine for 20 minutes, then disappears until reboot.

I have replicated this error on a completely fresh install of windows 10 with nothing else installed.

The pump seems to continue working running on what I must assume are default fan curves, but I bought this cooler because I want to be able to monitor the thing.


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For anyone that comes across this issue, The cause comes down to how Windows handles USB2 drivers, and they crash on certain motherboards if you put too much information through them for a sustained period of time.  I have changed over to USB 3 using a small usb3 to 2x usb2 header card and it has all worked fine for over a day since installing it.


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Do you have the LCD pump top for the Elite series installed as well?  This typically does not occur on any single piece of hardware, but when combining multiple newer generation pieces like the Commander Core, Commander XT, and LCD top. 

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