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Plugging in fan/rgb hub 5000x rgb

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I’m assuming I need a new motherboard but I have no clue what the port for this wide usb3.1 type c looks like I am unsure which motherboard to buy in fear of not having the proper port. Ps my 3 front fans are not working I assume because of the previous 

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I have the ASUS Rog Strix B550-f wifi in my 5000x that I just completed a couple of weeks ago. It works great. Bios is easy to tweak and fan curve can be adjusted via Asus bios software. 

I added 3 extra Corsair SP120 elites for exhaust and they all plug in to the provided nodes in the 5000x. 

Note: If you have Ryzen 5 series you will need to flash the bios before installing the CPU but thos is pretty simple process

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37 minutes ago, Selery_ said:

the port for this wide usb3.1 type c

Can you be more specific?  Motherboard choice is mostly irrelevant aside from requiring a standard usb 2 internal port for device to software connectivity. Corsair RGB gear uses its own controllers (with one or two exceptions) so motherboard RGB capability is not required. 

The 5000x has two stripped down controllers in back. The “square” one is the PWM fan repeater. Not required if you don’t need it. Effectively a powered splitter. The more rectangular one is a Lighting Node Core. This is the RGB controller. The fan RGB plugs go here and must be connected 1-2-3. Coming off that controller are two wires - a usb 2 internal 9 pin for the motherboard and a SATA connector for power. Both required. 

Once you are sorted, you must set up the Lighting node Core in CUE (lighting setup tab). Designate the fan type (8 LED fan series) and number of fans. You can now add lighting effects in that tab. 

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