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Upgrade path i1xx -> i300? Any movement from Corsair?

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I got the i165 less than 2 years ago  and I’ve just seen Jay2Cents review of the i300 which uses the same chassis apart from swapping a usb-a on the front to a usb-c.

At the moment all I’ve done is upgraded the top fan, memory and ssd but the last couple of years have seen significant strides in performance (and cost!). 

I think the z370 should be able to be replaced by the z690 - wasn’t that an msi one? Similar the power supply to the sf750 should be easy. The real question is the 3080ti graphics card which has a couple of extra fans bolted onto it but still uses the same aio I believe.

I believe that Corsair should offer some sort of upgrade path to the new system for pre-existing customers, whether that be the actual parts or a trade-in/discount.

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Well, the motherboard they are using in the i300 seems to be the MSI Z690i Unify.  The graphics card looks to be the Palit RTX 3080 TI Gaming Pro, but with custom cooling.  Here you can see what the official Palit card looks like: Kitguru comparison (scroll down to find all the bare board pictures).

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