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  1. I’ll definitely have a play next year, though Kiwikewl has done it the upgrade already. Maybe he’d let us know how labour intensive it was? My main concern is that the AIO coolers are not powerful enough. There’s are rumours about a 3080ti at the same performance as the 3090 but a few GB VRAM less (20 vs 24) :D
  2. Hmm, I don’t think it’s that because the ML140 runs up to 2k vs the 1.5 of the stock... Glad there’s another option for folk though. My RGB is in general all blue so I just got a blue led ML140 but I’d rather have the better cooling/sounds levels of the Noctua. Cheers
  3. Just wanted to post a similar issue to what has previously been reported by a few on here (such as Azureblood). I replaced the top fan with a Noctua 2000rpm Industrial Fan IP67 PWM and it only worked at 0 or 2000rpm despite updating iCue. I believe Azureblood moved the fan header on the motherboard to a different header and controls his now through the bios. I replaced mine with a Corsair ML140 such as they now have in the a100 and lo and behold -> full variable rpm & temp dependent. I take it from this that iCue as software has some bugs.. I’ll keep the other to swap in next year when I hopefully can upgrade my i165 to a x570/5900/3080ti/SF750 as it has better CFM at a quieter dB.
  4. You’ll need a new motherboard I think? The MSI z370 only goes to 32GB whereas the z390 does 64GB. That’s a drop in replacement (but not as good a board as the Rog Strix where you need a cable extender for one aspect of it) Recently got 32GB of LPX 3600C16 which is working well.
  5. Hi, There was quite a few posts and videos done about the memory sticks needing to be Low Profile otherwise they interfere with the radiator pipes. If you see the upgrade videos in the sticky above they do that too. As such I've replaced the stock 32GB (2*16) LPX 2666C18 with the CMK32GX4M2K3600C16 - 32GB (2*16) 3600C16 @ £260 from the Corsair website. They seem out of stock now, leaving only the 3600C18 available. Interestingly i did see CMK16GX4M2Z3600C14 - 16GB(2x8) 3600C14 £185, these are really good timings and in fact would likely be faster than what i have bought but its down to you whether 16GB or 32GB is what you need.
  6. Merry Xmas all! Long time lurker first time poster... So my i165 is now a year old and i've updated: HDD -> 4TB 860 EVO MEM -> LPX 32GB 3600C16 Resulting in a Timespy score of 15K. Though we know from Jay2Cents that the MSI board is a Z370 and that the Bios is locked/throttled to reduce performance/limit heat production. Folk here have changed to the MSI Z390 with no issues, even to the Asus Rog Strix Z390 (needed an cable extender only) i think - both now report higher performance. However looking forward, especially with the quantum leap we've had in AMD Ryzen and Nvidia this year, the future of the system is limited. Even the 2020 a100 only mirrors the single core performance of the i165, though better multicore performance with the 39xx series (Hardware Canucks: [ame] [/ame]) Kiwikewl has already done some amazing work upgrading to: Asus Rog strix x570i motherboard Amd 5600x 750watt corsair psu Evga xc3 ultra rtx 3080 Some rgb strips as well as rgb ring on the top fan which I swapped for a noctua 3000rpm Once nzxt brings out the new kraken g12 I plan to watercooled the new gpu by refilling the loop with an asetek compatible pump. This are probably beyond most of us! However the 5600x & 3080/90 combo is the next step imo. Of note the TDP of the 5600 is 105W, allegedly the Z370 limits the 9900k to 95W (i think) but the 9900K can push 140W when o/c elsewhere. Heatwise the current CPU radiator can apparently provide 170W of cooling, yet it seems to struggle with the x3650 in the review of the a100... GPU wise the 2080ti is on par with the 3070. The 3080 and the 3090 improve performance massively at a cost of significant power draw (350W stock on the 3090). So the SF750 is a must... but interestingly there was chatter about a SF1000 last year but only rumors so far. I believe the GPU rad on the i165 can do 340W cooling at present. Wrt the exhaust fan several here have upped to the 2000rpm ML140 by Corsair, but there's the 2000 or 3000 Noctua also, both offering more CFM to less dB. There's the water-cooled single slot card option to consider as posted by DistortedAxis - though there have been some reports of leaks on some of these depending on the torque/tension applied to the pump connectors. Then this morning i saw this review of the SSUPD Meshilicious from OptimumTech (a Youtuber specialising in SFF builds) - [ame] [/ame] This also is a vertical build system at 14.6L (C1 is 12L) but can fit a 315mm triple slot graphics card and either run from air or liquid cooling depending on the mesh or tempered glass used.... I'm unlikely to do anything more radical to my set-up whilst the warranty is intact but i'd really like to hear of any upgrades folk have planned as i really like the quality and footprint of the i165 but it needs an upgrade path or new version ASAP to remain a premium option in 2021. Just my thoughts, HNY to everyone!
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