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5000x and 7 fans

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So I have the 5000X case.  I removed both the lighting node and fan controller that the case came with. All 6 fans are plugged in the Commander that came with 150hi capellix.  Today, I got an additional fan, SP120 RGB Elite, to be used as an exhaust fan in rear.  I realized that now I cannot hookup lighting, I have the fan connected to the motherboard(ultimately I would not want this connected that way).  At some point I want to add 3 more fans to the side.  What do I need to do to get lights and fan control back via iCue for this one fan and future fans?  

1)  Do I conmect  the lighting node and fan controller that the case came with again?

2)  Do I need the Commander Core XT or the Commander Pro?

3)  If I don't want to add fans to side, is there some type of RGB splitter cable.  I realize it would take behavior of whatever attached with.

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PWM Control - For now, a simple PWM splitter is all you need.  The Commander Core can handle this for the ML/SP-Elite fans.  However, once you add the 3 side fans in splitters won’t be enough.  You’ll either need another controller or the better option is to make use of the PWM hub you removed.  That takes 1 control header from the Com Core and passes it on to 1-6 more fans.  You can use this right now if you don’t have a PWM splitter and the PWM hub is really a powered splitter.  Put either the top 3 or front 3 on the hub.  No need for individual fan control in either panel.  That will free up 2 Com Core PWM headers.


RGB is more complicated.  There are 3rd party splitters out there and they will “twin” the two paired fans.  Aside from that, you will need another RGB controller, which fortunately you already have (Lighting Node Core).  The tricky bit is deciding how to split them up.  6+1?  4+3?  Each controller is a separate fan group and will display lighting effects independently.  I think 3 side + 1 rear is the logical grouping for the 10 fan setup. That makes it more logical to do 6+1 now.  If you do 4+3 you’ll be doing a lot of future lighting programming for anything except the presets.  


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