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Problem with the new corsair m65 rgb ultra wireless mouse design


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Hello everyone, I have been a corsair user for years, I have always been very happy with their mice and peripherals. Previously I was using the Corsair M65 Elite RGB which is perfect in size and comfort for playing shooter games, I needed to get rid of the cable and decided to buy the upgraded version corsair m65 rgb ultra wireless. To my surprise, the size is a little smaller and I have noticed it, but it could be something with it, what does not convince me at all is the removal of the casing on the big toe, which is where the toe rests to be able to move. the mouse. My question is, if there is any accessory that can be put on that metal piece to have a good grip, I think it has been a serious change in product design since there are many more people who think the same. I hope you can provide a solution to this problem. Thank you very much.

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I face the exact same issue.

The M65 PRo was perfect for my hands. Unfortunately, pressing the wheel does not register, so i got the Ultra as it looked identical.
To my surprise, it feels narrower and very uncomfortable to grasp. My hand starts hurting after 15 minutes.

I doubt that there is a solution, as you'd essentially need to widen the mouse body.

Unfortunately I don't have the clear plastic that was with the packaging.
I'm not sure if they'll accept the return.

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The Dark Core Pro has the winged “pinky rest” if that’s what you meant and is also available in wireless. It is certainly a different shape than the M65 but may meet your needs. Slight repositioning on the sniper button on the M65 Ultra and that stops me from gripping it the way I want. It is now very sensitive whereas all the previous versions could be gripped that way. 

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