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H100 pump not running.


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So, I have been using a H100 CPU cooler for a few years now without issue. Moved my components into a new case the other day and when powering the system on, despite everything lighting up and the two fans connected to the H100 spinning up, the pump wasn't reporting anything in BIOS and the CPU temps kept rising.

I figured the unit was old and maybe moving to a new case pushed it over the edge.

Ordered a new H100, fitted it and the accompanying commander core fine. On initial power up everything was working, confirmed the pump was running and temps were stable.

Disconnected the box to tidy up some of the fan wires but when powering the system back up everything quickly begins flashing red and sure enough the pump isn't running.

I'm at a complete loss as to what is causing this.

Tried switching the pump power connector to a different cable group from the modular PSU with no difference noted.


Any thoughts?

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Not likely PSU related. That would cause an immediate hard shutdown. 

That mini-24 pin on the side of the Commander Core is the power and data link for the pump.  If you knocked that cable slightly out of place, this is the reaction I would expect.  

Shutdown the system and flip the PSU off at the switch.  Disconnect the 24 pin on the Commander Core and reconnect  make sure the white stripe is in the right place.  Power back on and check.  You can use a 24 pin jumper on the main motherboard ATX power cable to cut the MB off if you prefer.  The SATA power to the pump will still run and you can assess the pump without a time limit.  If you don’t have a 24 pin jumper, boot to the bios and watch the cpu temp.  If the “pump failure” is real, you will see the cpu temp rapidly escalate.  Shutdown.


We have seen some of these Elite AIO units enter the alarm state, CUE reports pump fail, but this is false and the pump is working normally with normal idle temperature.  The power cycle on the PSU while you reconnect the cable should reset that, but be aware false positive is possible here.  


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Checked and re-seated all the cable connections without any change.

Decided to test the power load possibility by pulling my GPU out and the pump immediately began working again. Then plugged my old H100 onto a spare SATA power connecter and that also lit up and began pumping again.

Reinserted my GPU and everything is still working, but I have a feeling that if I disconnected the power from the H100 and reconnected it, I would run into the same issue with the pump not running.

Ordered a new, higher wattage PSU just in case, will install that today and see if I have any further issues.

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Ok.  There should not be a lot of power draw on power on. Neither of the larger draw devices (gpu and cpu) are using much power at start up. The pump + lighting on the AIO is truly minuscule. So if this is a PSU level problem, it may be related to basic functionality more than wattage. 

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