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RGB setup for 570x PC Case


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I want to buy new pc setup based on Corsair 570X Mirror black Case and I want to make it full RGB Corsair. So i start with 4x 120mm fan (3 on front and 1 on the back) + 2x 140mm on top, Corsair Vengeance RAM and I want to put some LED strips. Later I want to buy Corsair headset + stand, keyboard, mouse. For now I can't decide between LL and LM Fans. Can someone write me what I need to buy to have full control over my RGB setup?

P.S MB will be Gigabyte Aorus B550 Elite V2.

Thank You


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Either triple pack of ML-Elite or LL120 fans will have a lighting controller in the box and then you need one more single 120mm fan. I would suggest you look at the ML-Elite rather than the 4 LED ML-RGB that came before. 

If you also want speed control through CUE, then you also need a fan controller. The easiest solution would be a Commander Core XT that takes direct PWM and RGB connections to the device. You then purchase your fans as singles or triples based on price. A Commander Pro will also work for this, but then you must again buy a triple pack to gain the required LED hub to power the fan lighting. 

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