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5000D New Build Fan Question


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Sorry - complete beginner when it comes to a build. 

I just received all of my parts in the mail but may have bit off more than I can chew when it comes to the cooling/fan set up. Here are my materials:

7 QL 120mm fans (two multi-packs and one single) 

1 iCUE H150i ELITE CAPELLIX CPU Cooler 360mm

1 Commander Core Pro

1 CORSAIR - Lighting Node PRO - Black LED Strips 


My plan is to mount the AIO with the stock non-QL fans on the side motherboard tray as an intake. The 7 QL fans would consist of 3 front mounted intakes, 3 top mounted exhausts, and 1 rear mounted exhaust. As far as other info I have an Intel Z590 MOBO with two available USB 2.0 slots. 

So the questions I have are:

1. Do I have all the materials needed to utilize everything properly? 

2. What is the best wiring configuration to allow the best visual flow for the RGB functionality (my case will be placed sideways back against the wall with the front somewhat hidden behind the monitor and the glass panel being 100% visible). Should I perhaps put the radiator and non-QL's on top for example?




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hi buddy....  take a look at my signature. Faqs for 5000 series case and your AIO and indeed the RGB faq...


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Thanks. From what I can gather in those FAQ's, it looks like I should have the radiator and 3 non-QL fans as an exhaust on the top of the case and throw in the 1 QL odd man out at the back functioning as an exhaust with the 3 non-QL ones on the commander core. That commander core should then plug into the first of the two available USB 2 slots. Then I should use the commander XT (I originally mentioned pro mistakenly) for RGB and PMW connections of the front and side mounted 6 QL fans and utilize the LED input on it for the 4 daisy chain strips, with the XT then connecting to the second available USB port. This means I would toss/store the lighting node pro that came with the strips and the lightning node cores that came with the two sets of 3x QL's. 

Does this sound correct? 

My understanding if so is that I will be able to control speeds for the intakes on one channel and the exhausts on another, same with the lighting. 




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