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Can't change SP120 fans RGB through iCUE


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I've been struggling for 2 days now and I can't find any solution through internet, I hope I will get more chance here.

I purchased a Corsair Crystal 570X that came with 3 SP120 Fans. I bought 3 additionnals SP120 Fans to get 6 fans in total (maths).
So I also bought a Commander Pro to get all of them to work, now they are all working etc, but in iCUE, I cannot change their colors, nor their speed.

I am using the last version of iCUE, tried to uninstall and reinstall it.

Also, as I bought 3 additionnal fans, I have 2 RGB Hubs, they both are different: the one that came with my Crystal 570X is plugged into a little remote "SP Lightning Controller":


and is also plugged into SATA.

The other RGB Hub that I have is the one I received with my 3 additionnal fans:


Depending on the one I use (I believe I should only use one of them), colors aren't the same, but anyway, I cannot do anything through iCUE.

Also, when changing RGB through my case buttons, only the 3 fans that came along with are changing, not the 3 additionnals fans.

So the first Hub is linked to that remote which is linked to my case, and the other one, I plug it into a USB 2.0 port of my motherboard, to a Sata, and I also plug it into my Commander Pro controller, where all of my 6 fans are also plugged. (I hope it is quite clear, my english is quite bad...)

When I use the first hub (the one that is linked to my case), all of the fans are lighted up, and I can change the colors of the 3 fans that came along with my case, but cannot do anything on the 3 additionnals fans, nor with my case's remote, nor with iCUE.

When I use the second hub, the one that came with the 3 additionnal fans, only 4 fans are lighted, but I can't do anything with them.

In both cases, anyway, fans are plugged to the hub and to the commander pro.


I really don't know what to do, any help will be really appreciated... Thank you !


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The original case fans are SP120-RGB 4 led fans. As long as the controller has that remote on the end, then the remote is the only form of control. You can connect the hub to a RGB controller like the RGB ports on the Commander Pro or lighting node pro and they will become CUE controlled instead. The cable that connects the hub to RGB controller uses the same port as the remote. It’s one or the other. 

The next question is which SP are your new fans?  SP-RGB like the originals?  SP-Pro?  SP-Elite?  These are key name differences. The SP-RGB cannot be used with any other fan type and must always be on their own controller. So if your new fans are SP-Pro or Elite, they need to stay on a separate RGB channel and hub. They also need to be set in CUE as “8 LED fan series” and NOT SP-RGB. Those only work on the 4 LED version. 

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Hey, thanks for your answer, this seems more clear to me now…

My new extra fans are SP120 RGB PRO, with 8 leds, didn’t notice the difference when I ordered them as I thought it were the same… 

I will try what you said when I’ll get the time, thank you.

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There may be some extra RGB LED hub to controller cables in your Commander Pro box. Both the SP-RGB 4 led and SP-Pro 8 led can go to the Commander Pro LED ports, but they need to be on separate hubs and then use both LED ports. 

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Actually, I tried what you said.

Case’s fans are on the case’s Lightning node, and extra fans are on the other Lightning node. This way I can have all of them RGB, but only the 8 leds can be changed via iCUE. So this work somehow, but I will buy 3 more SP120 RGB PRO in order to get all fans synchronised through iCUE (and obviously removing the case’s fans).

thanks for your help!

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With the remote in place, the original SP-RGB have no connection to the system so they won't show in CUE.  In the Commnander Pro box there should be a cable that will replace the remote control and connect the hub to one of the Commander's LED ports.  Then in the CUE software, you must set that channel to "SP-RGB fans" x (number) in Lighting Set-up.  Then they will be part of the CUE system and you can control it from there.  The software offers more options and layers of control vs the remote.  

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